my story 

AS A young woman  married at 17 and  had 4 Boys beautiful healthy Sons 36 years ago . .I was on a quest young practiced holistic health ,ancient healing and  super foods,Before youtube the internet I was living it..My sons endured many of lives  emotional and traumatic challenges with the natural foods and herbal wisdom it gave them a body strength to utilize in there endocrine system.. ...I did it My way with so much controversy  doors closed because you walk the path to turn your back on the  society of Zombies.
My saving Grace was The book given to me at 17  BY Mira Louise I consumed the information and chose not to vaccinate my children..My children are men Now and perfectly healthy strong robust  Males.I believe My sons are so healthy compared to other children that were vaccinated.. I have seen Children that are vaccinated over the last 36 years and have come to the conclusion  by my the   bio hacking of ancient herbal foods and ancient mothers   wisdom . with a book that was published in 1934. 
Give the price of  a cup of  organic coffee 

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